What Clients Are Saying


Our customers are our best salespeople.  Many have been customers for two decades. They profit from the continuous use of PDP's System. We are thankful for the solid relationships and the kind words.  Oh!  By the way, we have several openings for new customers.

Quickly, I would say PDP's value is realized on several levels here. First as a selection tool. It is critical to get the right, or best fit you can from the get go. Obvious points, better fit, easier transition lets us concentrate on training and assimilation into our culture.  The result is quicker and higher performance, better velocity getting to a desired standard.  This actually decreases training costs and ultimately turnover.  In any labor market this is found money.  In the current, and maybe forever tight labor market it is potentially big bucks.

Secondly, I would say that the surveys and read backs incorporated into a performance appraisal process serve as communication and relationship building tools. This not only aids those with good interpersonal skills but really aids those that are less inexperienced, assisting them in breaking the traditional barriers to relationship building.  I believe properly deployed it serves notice that we care about people, not just the job that we ask them to do or the standards we expect them to meet.  Return on investment is simple, higher performance and productivity plus lower turnover.  Bingo!

Michael Hardisty, Managing Director


“We have used PDP Managing Tools for the past five years with two different organizations.  Over the last eighteen months, the turnover rate in our department has declined from greater than 75% to less than 8%.  This significant decline is due in great part to the use of PDP.  PDP gives us the ability to identify the personality traits of individuals that excel in a given position and recruit people who meet the desired traits.

In addition to the recruitment process, our organization uses the PDP tool as a supplement to the performance evaluation process.  This significantly enhances the communication between management and employees.  The 'Motivation' section specifically helps the manager identify what buttons to push to create the most effective environment for each individual.

As an added benefit, you have facilitated team-building workshops for our department.  These workshops have resulted in extremely effective and direct two-way communication between employees and have positively impacted department morale and unity."

Jeff Kassal, Vice President, Underwriting

The Copic Companies, INSURANCE COMPANY

"I've used the PDP  behavioral assessment tool for over eight years within three large telecommunication companies. It is without a doubt, the most effective profiling tool available for candidate selection. It is simple to administer and amazingly accurate. In addition, PDP will help managers fully understand their employees; are they happy, are they satisfied, are they feeling stress? This helps reduce turnover and enables managers to uncover previously hidden emotions which may be affecting performance.

In today's competitive environment, PDP is a must for any company concerned with selecting the right candidates for a job and for increasing employee retention."

Rick Wooliver, VP Sales

Broadwing Communications, TELECOMMUNICATIONS

"PDP has been a part of Setpoint Systems Corporation's corporate life for nine years. The concepts taught by PDP permeate Setpoint's daily conversations and thoughts about each other as individuals, as members of our group and subgroups, and in our relationships with customers.

PDP provides several benefits to our managers and employees:

    * Aids managers in understanding the behavior and motivation of existing employees.

    * Aids employees in understanding each other.

    * Aids managers in developing profiles for successful hiring in each job category, making for a more rewarding employment experience for both the Manager and employee

We encourage other companies to have a better understanding of their corporate culture and their employees as individuals. The true benefits will be reflected on their bottom line."

Aaron Nahale, President

Setpoint Systems Corporation, temperature controls and energy management

"PDP provides accurate, relevant, and useful information to both students and staff in the high school diploma program.  PDP has provided the students with valuable information which enables them to apply for jobs, learn more about themselves, and help them to establish goals.  The four traits are easy to understand, the graphs are readable, and most important of all the information is "right on."  It has proven to be a successful tool in the career planning classes."

Marsha Harmon, Director, Weld County High School Diploma Program

AIMS Community College

"Our project began in July 1998 with fifteen Project Managers and has since grown to 65 Project Managers.  We contribute much of our success to our ongoing use of the PDP resource.  I am amazed how the broad range of profiles can be used to our advantage and find that when the management team utilizes the profile we can achieve great results with individuals and teams.

For our purposes, two of the most critical elements on the profile are the Individuals Energy Level and the Priority Environments. All Project Managers have mentors/partners and by utilizing the profiles we can best partner to complement strengths and weaknesses.  We have had extremely low turnover (less than 3% to date)  and given people opportunities to excel.

Mary Mathiowetz, Division Manager


"PDP is an excellent tool for both selection and management of employees.  It gives us superlative readings and results in a minimum investment of time.  While there are many instruments which determine the individuals "personality profile," none render the value that PDP does.  I am particularly impressed with the Motivators Section.  It provides users with the ability to set goals and take action that, when implemented, will reduce stress and improve morale.  I know of no other instrument which possesses this capability."

Michael D. Arabe, VP


"If you are in the people business like we are, understanding and effectively communicating with each other is essential.  For approximately nineteen years our firm has relied on PDP' s tools and your great service to help us reach the success we know today.

To any company struggling with communications and staff/client relationships, I highly recommend these tools.  We continue to use this program daily in evaluating new hires and as a communications tool with our staff."

Tom B. Moore, President


I have used PDP for approximately 15 years.  I was first introduced to the system while opening the Clarion Hotel (now the Millennium Hotel) in Anchorage, Alaska.  Subsequent to that, I used it at the Regal Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa.  We are currently using the system here at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts.

Obviously I have felt a need to introduce several owners to the benefits of using the PDP system, since the system has generally followed me wherever I have worked.  Trying to manage without it feels like trying to work without a very important tool -- once you use it you will feel a void trying to make personnel related decisions without it.

While I feel that this is a vital part of the hiring process, it is also very helpful when doing teambuilding, and for one-on-one coaching and counseling.  It is a terrific tool for opening up the lines of communication, and since the failure to communicate properly is often the reason for many failures in the business world, it is certainly worth it for that use alone.

Juli Lederhaus, General Manager


"I have had the opportunity to see the PDP programs results in many varying situations from new hotel openings to operating established properties.  In every case PDP has been a very effective management tool.  The nicest thing is the program pays for itself very quickly in both reduced turnover and proper placement of candidates in the job most suitable for their likely success.  In addition, you and your staff have always been readily available to answer our questions and insure that maximum support is available for the program.

In closing, I just want to say that this program has saved us hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars over the past 16 years.  I know it will continue to do so in the future.  It is a bona-fide asset to the pursuit of service and profit."

Max Lowe,  General Manager

Millennium Hotel Anchorage, A MILLENNIUM HOTEL

"We are 100% satisfied with PDP.   We began working with PDP over a year ago and have used the ProScan survey primarily for job screening and selection.  However, due to the incredible value the PDP tool has provided in the screening/selection area, we have allocated funds in our budget next year for expanding our application of the tool into the areas of enhancing personal development, team building and overall communication.

In the area of job screening and selection, we have gone from using the survey in select functional areas to establishing job models for key positions across the organization.  This has not only helped us to significantly reduce turnover and increase productivity, but has been an incredible aid in our work with acquisitions and joint ventures.  Following are a couple recent examples.

As part of the acquisition of a manufacturing company, we were planning to automatically hire several key people with the organization.  However, after profiling these "key players" we decided not to complete the acquisition as none of these associates came close to fitting the profile of those who have proven to succeed in our culture.  On the contrary, they were all virtual opposites of our model.

Another example involves a joint venture with a European company.  Our European partner had expressed concern that we did not have similar criteria and expectations for sales talent.  Although we disagreed, we believed it was important to verify this.  Therefore, we asked our partner to identify their top sales performers and we had them take the ProScan survey.  The Findings?  Their top sales performers profiled perfectly with our model, which was based upon our top sales performers.  This immediately removed all doubt and we are now planning to exchange sales people for cross training and they have strong confidence that we are hiring the right people."

In today's world of intense competition, everyone has similar access to the same information, capital and technology.  Therefore, the only way to significantly set yourself apart from the competition is through your people.  And the only way to do that is through the selection, development and motivation of your people.   PDP's tools have helped us greatly in the selection area and I am convinced that we will transfer this competitive weapon into the areas of development and motivation."

Craig B. Hendricks, Vice President, Human Resources


"The training you gave us on how to use PDP was excellent.

As soon as we started using PDP our clients became much more successful in their interviewing and hiring.  Their turnover rates dropped significantly.  At first this meant less business for us, but then our clients started telling their peers about the testing we did.  Pretty soon we had a lot more business.

We are now into our fourteenth year of using PDP.  We have given PDP thousands of times.  I wouldn't think about hiring anyone for our staff without using PDP.  Additionally I try to give PDP to our new clients so we have a better understanding of the clients and we can do a better job of serving them.

Thomas H. Ferree, President


Countless times throughout my professional life I have heard myself profess to others that the interaction with and development of individual as an employer is truly what has been the most rewarding experience for me as a business owner. While this is a sincere statement, anyone involved in personnel management knows this challenge can also be the most frustrating and fatiguing of all job responsibilities.  if only I had possessed the insight and abilities that PDP has offered me decades ago.

Although the science behind the PDP system is complex and based on solid, proven research, the ease of administration application is impressive.  The value of the simple logic and straightforward presentation used by PDP not only benefits the administrator but more importantly the employee.  I have experienced a tremendous response from each and every one of my staff.  I believe this is due in most part to the clear and comprehensive design of the PDP management system

My reliance on PDP encompasses all aspects of my organization.  I utilize my newly acquired skills in the hiring process, in communication and conflict resolution and team building.  With the recent opening of my second dealership in January I often wonder how I would have accomplished the task of assembling, training and guiding a new staff without the help of the PDP system.

Loree Britt, Owner

Britt Imports, Mercedes-Benz of Lubbock


What Clients Are Saying

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