Goal Setting for Professionals


Goal-setting is ALWAYS important. But in these economic conditions, it’s mission critical. Many employees who scraped by in the past without being methodical and goal-oriented will fail in the coming year. Attend this conference and learn goal-setting best practices that separate stars from mediocre performers.

No one person plans to fail. But many fail to plan. For every star employee or owner who achieves breakthrough results, several others plod on in mediocrity. More often than not the reason is that they don’t “get” the single most important thing that distinguishes successful from unsuccessful talent – the ability to plan. More specifically, to set goals and follow through on them.

Mastering the discipline of setting goals will bring immediate payoffs in all key areas of a business: leading, managing, coaching, budgeting, prospecting, negotiating, selling and cross-selling, training, needs assessment, handling objections and customer retention.

In this insightful, interactive presentation, speaker Russell DIsberger will challenge you to rethink the way you go about setting, measuring, obtaining buy in for -- and achieving your life goals. 

Key issues covered include:

  1. The psychology of why goal setting matters so much in todays environment

  2. The anatomy of a real actionable goal

  3. Execution, speed, and accountability – the three keys to achieving your goals

  4. Your “Why” behind your goals is everything and how it impacts your life

  5. 10+ reasons why you fail to reach your goals

  6. The Rule of Getting Results

  7. Barriers to achieving your results

LMI’s unique way of presenting this material that allows professionals to create goals and execute their way to higher levels of success. Participants will leave the session with a burning desire to implement time proven principles and disciplines. They’ll immediately set clear goals and detailed action plans for themselves, and they’ll share what they learned with other key players in your organization.


  1. Seating is limited in each session to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your time and participation.

  2. Remember--your satisfaction means everything to us. You must be 100% delighted or your money back.

  3. To register, please call or email us, indicate the preferred date to attend.

  4. E-mail us at info@aspenbusinessgroup.com or call (970) 396-7009 today for more information. With this investment, you'll soon learn that what you gain from My-Tyme® is indeed priceless.


Goal Setting for Professionals

Your Weapon in Tough Times

“If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they may have planned for you?     Not much." —  Jim Rohn

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