TeamScan® - Building balanced teams

TeamScan® graphs a composite of the individuals in a group, showing likely group work styles and preferences in a department, division or the entire organization. TeamScan predicts group interactions, uncovers why some teams are more productive than others, and identifies the corporate culture in concrete terms.  TeamScan provides the following:

  1. Defines characteristics of a high-performance team

  2. Identifies team dynamics, how people work together

  3. Assesses effects of management styles

  4. Assists in planning changes to improve performance

  5. Blends corporate cultures during mergers and acquisitions

  6. Manages succession process

  7. Measures group characteristics

  8. Sets team performance expectations

  9. Assists in developing teams

  10. Analyzes teams that succeed as well as those that fail

TeamScan combines all the personality survey results in simple reports that help you improve your company or department.


Building a team starts with selection and a clear goal

Working together for your bottom line!
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