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Professional Dynametric Programs offers a comprehensive integrated managing system. Please click on any underlined item to visit our Products Page.

Does PDP's management system really work?

Definitely. By whatever measure you choose, the PDP DynaMetrics management system proves its value. While the program's foundation is based in solid scientific research, it's our management system that helps companies translate data about personal tendencies into action best suited to those characteristics.

PDP has grown steadily for more than 30 years because our customers get a substantial return on their investment. Some of the best-known organizations in the world and many successful smaller businesses consistently report less turnover and greater job satisfaction among employees, the result of employees' sense that they are both valued and understood.


1. Developing objective selection criteria (putting round pegs in round holes)

PDP’s JobScan module is a tool designed to develop Position Models by clustering top performers and statistically identifying those behavioral characteristics  having a high correlation. When performance cannot be determined objectively our JDA (Job Dynamics Analysis) technology fills the bill. You will be able to select candidates based on their ranking against the appropriate Position Model.

"Aids managers in developing profiles for successful hiring in each job category, making for a more rewarding employment experience for both the Manager and employee."

Aaron Nahale, President,  Setpoint Systems Corporation,

2.  Developing effective advertising for recruitment

When a Position Model has been developed JobScan provides specific advertising content designed to target the style of candidate indicated by that same model. Our How To Advertise section can actually increase the number of viable candidates to consider.

3.  Improving and simplifying interviewing techniques

JobScan enables you to compare a candidate with a specific Position Model and provides you with preliminary behavioral interviewing questions to use during the interview. Managers are usually so anxious to fill positions they may overlook opportunities to validate their choice.  Our  Interviewing Guide helps to confirm a candidates fit.

"We have been especially impressed with the interview questions and advertising support provided by JobScan.  We have also conducted several Team Building workshops using TeamScan feedback and found them to be equally painless to administer and extremely well received."

Katie Osse, Director of Training and Development, SAGE Hospitality Resources


4.  Improving management’s ability to motivate (Finding an employee’s on-button)

Why wait to find out what gets a co-worker's motor running.  We are constantly offering employees stuff that turns us on and wonder why they don't get excited. ProScan provides managers with a customized motivational package for each individual employee and a simple process for using the information toward a win-win result.

"While there are many instruments which determine the individuals "personality profile," none render the value that PDP does.  I am particularly impressed with the Motivators Section.  It provides users with the ability to set goals and take action that, when implemented, will reduce their stress and improve their morale.  I know of no other instrument which possesses this capability."

Michael D. Arabe, SVP Sales,  COMPS.com

5.  Quantifying work related stress

Have you ever used something besides a hammer to  pound a nail?  This activity parallels what we do to employees.  We hire or promote people into situations with which they aren't comfortable . The ProScan survey provides management with a process for identifying the adjustments employees are making as they attempt to succeed and/or survive, whether the adjustments are work related and productive or counter-productive relative to organizational and personal goals.

6.  Identifying employee morale

The ProScan survey allows management to identify potential problems related to employee satisfaction. Low morale can be a precursor to losing a valuable employee.  Find out employees are unhappy before they change companies.

"We can without hesitation recommend PDP to anyone who is looking to improve their hiring decisions and increase the effectiveness of their employee management and motivational programs."

Gregory V. Peay, President,  Careers, Ltd.

7.  Understanding how a manager’s style impacts employee performance

Have you ever worked for someone you didn't like or respect?  Did it affect your performance?  If, as most managers, you're answer to these two questions is yes, then  it stands to reason that every day you can and probably do impact the performance of your employees, positively or negatively. The TeamScan Perception Report has multiple applications one of which is clarifying potential conflicts that might arise due to style differences. Now a manager can accurately predict what will and won’t work with each employee.

"All Project Managers have mentors/partners and by utilizing the profiles we can best partner to complement strengths and weaknesses.  We have had extremely low turnover (less than 3% to date)  and given people opportunities to excel."

Mary Mathiowetz, Division Manager, Startek

8.  Matching people to tasks

ProScan and JobScan in combination allow you to feel more comfortable evaluating what needs to be done and which employee would be most comfortable completing the task.

9.  Enhancing employee retention

Finding good people is difficult; keeping them is the real challenge.  Common sense tells us people are reluctant to leave an environment where they are happy.  Putting people in the right situation and knowing what they want beyond the paycheck, puts you at a distinct advantage.  Using ProScan ongoing and performing read backs at least annually provides managers with tangible information, that when applied, has significant impact on employee retention.

"Over the last eighteen months, the turnover rate in our department has declined from greater than 75% to less than 8%.  This significant decline is due in great part to the use of PDP." 

Jeff Kassal, Vice President, Underwriting, The Copic Companies

"From the early days of District Manager turnover at 125% annually being reduced to a low of about 15 percent, the bottom line value of PDP and the deserving credit to you and this instrument can't be denied."

Chuck Serracino, Circulation Training Manager,  Denver Rocky Mountain News


10. Improving communications vertically and horizontally

The application of the TeamScan Communication Report by Management coupled with ProScan training within an organization will immediately improve and promote effective communications.

"To any company struggling with communications and staff/client relationships, I highly recommend these tools.  We continue to use this program daily in evaluating new hires and as a communications tool with our staff."

Tom B. Moore, President, The RMH Group Inc.

11. Establishing meaningful and objective performance evaluation criteria

Take the anxiety out of performance appraisal. Trakstar is an easy to use process filled with features designed to enhance employee performance and retention.

12. Reducing interpersonal conflicts

Usually the people you thought you didn't like are people you just don't understand. Utilizing the TeamScan Perception Report in concert with the ProScan  Survey makes conflict resolution  easier on the people in conflict and the facilitator.

13. Forming effective teams or work groups

Because Style diversity is essential in developing effective teams and Style replication is important in the development of productive work groups, ProScan and the TeamScan Analysis Report provide an organization with  tools to quickly evaluate the composition of a group and make adjustments where necessary.

14. Improving teamwork

The TeamScan package is designed specifically to promote better teamwork at every level of an organization. The information is easy to understand and made available to all team members.  We are not interested in holding an event where your group  tries to build a boat using a paperclip, a sheet of paper and a rubber band.  We want you to have a process that makes teamwork a habit.

15. Increasing organization's knowledge and utilization of its people

ProScan helps you understand what you have. JobScan helps you understand what you need. TeamScan helps you make it all work together smoothly.

"PDP will help managers fully understand their employees; are they happy, are they satisfied, are they feeling stress? This helps reduce turnover and enables managers to uncover previously hidden emotions which may be affecting performance".

Rick Wooliver, VP Sales,  Cincinnati Bell

16. Developing better management and leadership skills in employees

Because PDP's Tools are developed within your organization and training as well as implementation flows from the top down, managers are equipped with a process that is designed to enhance their management and leadership capabilities.

"I just want to say that this program has saved us hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars over the past 16 years.  I know it will continue to do so in the future.  It is a bona-fide asset to the pursuit of service and profit."

Max Lowe,  General Manager,  Regal Alaskan Hotel

How do we learn to put the system to work?

Two ways: PDP's training and consulting assistance.

PDP's certification program provides intensive client training so that managers become experts in using the components of the management system effectively.

For more sophisticated and custom applications designed to help your company accomplish highly specific targets, PDP consultants work directly with your in-house management to define both the problem and solutions that play to the strengths in your teams.

Many of our longest-term clients started with a specific goal to prove the value of one component of the PDP management system, and only later added more functions as they saw the program's effectiveness.


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