About Our Consultants


Russell Disberger is the founder of Aspen Business Group, L.L.C., a company providing professional consulting services, management and leadership training, human resource development, strategic planning & alignment, value building, and technology commercialization.  During the last eighteen years, he has been an advisor to over 2,250 businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions. 

Additionally Mr. Disberger helps managers align strategic, operational, and cultural functions and execute strategies to improve performance. His expertise is in organizational assessment, strategy, performance management, decision support and process management. His experience includes improving operations, transforming professional behaviors. Russell lectures on decision-making, business simulation, and strategy. He’s an author, speaker, radio talk show host, seminar leader, expert witness, and facilitator. Russell holds a degree from Kansas State University and has many  Graduate level courses in Business Communication.

He has been married for 24 years and is a father of six children.  Russell enjoys youth sports and traveling with his family.


Russell Disberger


Home Office

Phone   970.396-7009

Chuck Lamar, Senior Business Development and Marketing Strategist, has proven success at the officer level in major multinational companies in the telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, and transportation industries.  He is skilled in engaging executive teams in strategic thinking and the development of market-based business plans.

Chuck Lamar's career has spanned from packaged goods to services, and Fortune 100 firms to small business.  After twenty-five years of senior management experience at Scott Paper Company (Director of Market Research), United Airlines (Vice President, Strategic Plans) and US West (Vice President, Strategy Development), Lamar, for six years served as CEO and majority owner of TeleMedia Applications, a small videoconferencing service firm, and then began his own consulting firm, Summit Business Solutions.  Chuck holds an MBA Marketing from University of Rochester, New York, an under graduate degree in Mathematics, Boston College, MA, and has an advanced studies in Theology and Ministry, Neumann College, Aston, PA.

Chuck is an active member of his community; Lamar serves on several non-profit boards, and as an ordained minister in his church.

Chuck Lamar

Senior Consultant

Rocky Mountain Office

Aspen Business Group’s Consultants

Experience. Expertise. Energy. Enthusiasm. These are the capabilities and qualities of spirit that our consultants bring to each and every client engagement.

Our consultants have a diverse, practical experience across the full array of industries. They also possess theoretical expertise, as evidenced by the advanced degrees that they hold in the academic disciplines that matter most in the fields of organizational and leadership development.

Focused and committed to work with you every step of the way, Aspen Business Group consultants partner with you from project conception to execution to resolution. We have a talented team of consultants. The following is a partial list of Senior Consultants.

Working together for your bottom line!
Aspen Business Group LLC is a consulting and training firm helping businesses get to the next level.
Call us today (970) 396-7009 or email us at info@aspenbusinessgroup.com

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About Our Consultants
Founded by Russell Disberger

Diana Adams specializes in business growth strategy, hiring, developing and retaining talent.

She assists business owners in thinking strategically, planning, organizing, implementing and producing consistent, measurable results. 

During her 13 year career with Farm Bureau Financial Services (FBFS), Diana developed key local agent marketing materials as well as bilingual marketing materials and web content for state specific growth initiatives.  She also coordinated direct mail campaigns and prospecting programs that began in 1 state and within 2 years were heavily utilized on a 15 state level.

As a leader in her most recent role of 6 years, for FBFS, she helped create the Marketing Sales Support Coach program that served close to 250 agents in multiple states.  She helped train and develop new coaches and served as a senior advisor for program development.

Diana Adams is extremely passionate about helping her clients to achieve their business growth goals while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Diana Adams

Associate Consultant

Oscar Montenegro helps businesses with strategy, operational, and talent development.  His areas of expertise include organizational development, performance improvement, and talent management.  He leverages these strengths to provide strategic direction and facilitation of initiatives related to business strategy, staff engagement and communication, organizational structure and processes, learning and development, succession planning and recognition programs.  He works with start-up and established businesses in implementing these key processes to maximize effectiveness and revenues across various departments.  He is a graduate of Kansas State University.

Oscar is married and has two children. He enjoys the outdoors, music, and traveling.

Oscar Montenegro

Associate Consultant

Cyndi Peters helps business owners to optimize their financial effectiveness by providing individualized results-focused accounting and consulting services. During initial consultations with prospective clients, she engages in a thorough review of their organizational structure, departmental objectives and existing accounting systems. She helps clients analyze and mitigate risk, improve workflow systems, tighten up internal controls and improve overall profitability. She improves the company's effectiveness by recommending computer network improvements, software solutions, and internal controls. She improves profitability by analyzing historic and current financial data, researching key predictive indicators specific to their industry, and preparing pro forma financials and budgets to help establish direction and objectives. She advises executive management in the areas of policy, procedure, and best practices. Cyndi has owned several small businesses, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, has an extensive background in computer network management and has been a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 1998. She holds various board and committee positions with non-profit organizations.

Cyndi grew up in the Washington DC area and moved to Colorado in 1990.  She enjoys boating, wakeboarding and traveling with her family.

Cyndi Peters

Associate Consultant

Aspen Business Group’s clients call when they have something pressing on their minds—whether it is a major strategic or operational or training need or an organizational challenge. They look to our Colorado based consulting firm for honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice.

Our clients talk to us when they find themselves under pressure to deliver results. They call us in uncertain times, both good and bad. They call us when they need to make decisions that will have major consequences for their people, their organizations, and the communities in which they operate. They call us when they want a truly wise perspective.

With our broad reach across industries, functions, and geographies, we understand our clients’ issues and needs.  We understand their business.

We help people and companies explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue.

We do this using these core principles:

  1. Follow the top leadership approach

  2. We find and solve the most critical and challenging problems. We take an overall, independent, and fact-based view of a client’s performance. We rely on facts because they provide clarity and align people. We work with facts to provide credible recommendations. We work directly with leaders who can partner with us to develop and accept recommendations and have the ability to implement them.

  3. Bring innovations in management and leadership practice to clients

  4. Our clients need new insight. We ask our experts to bring their best thinking to our clients. We invest significant resources in building knowledge. We see it as our mission to bring this knowledge to our clients and we publish it for the benefit of business and government leaders across our nation and to force ourselves to think about what is next.

  5. Build client capabilities to sustain improvement and growth

  6. We work with our clients and business partners as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the work after we have left.

  7. Build enduring relationships based on trust and mutual respect

  8. We earn our clients’ trust and respect. We do this through our great service, our professional conduct, and our complete commitment. Each one of the Aspen Business Group team is responsible for earning and keeping our clients’ trust with our individual behavior and the quality of our work. We care for our clients as people and organizations, even when we are not serving them.