LMI Process


Since 1966, Leadership Management Institute has been bridging the gap between potential and performance by helping organizations and individuals evaluate their strengths and opportunities through implementation of the unique and proven LMI Process.


LMI's unique methodology -

Time Facilitation is over 5 -25 sessions (7-21 days between each session), leaving sufficient time for implementation of new strategies.

LMI's unique methodology - Spaced repetition

It takes time to commit new information to long-term memory - research has shown that new material needs to be repeated at least seven times.  The LMI method ensures that this is done in an interesting and innovative way.

LMI's unique methodology -


People absorb new information in different ways depending on their learning type - some better through seeing (visual), some through listening (auditory), some through doing (kinaesthetic).

Although each of us uses all of these skills, most of us have preferences. If new material is presented in such a way that it meets the requirement of all learning types, there is a greater chance that everyone will benefit.

  1. LMI's unique methodology - Training options

  2. Executive Showcase event - open

  3. In-house pilot

  4. In-house - follow-on contract

  5. Online or over the phone

  6. Impact My-Tyme and success workshops.

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