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Along with targeted skill building lessons, every LMI development process is designed to change behaviors in a way that produces improved results. LMI's goal setting and productivity methodologies are used in every process and are designed so that participants emerge with specific and measurable goals set around your organizational objectives and a plan of action to reach those goals. Instead of training and development being a cost, it becomes the driving force behind the implementation of your plan with measurable ROI. This is also the key to creating a results-based, goal oriented culture focused on "What Matters Most".

Your organization's development needs may lead down one or paths based on your own assessment developed during the planning phase. Listed are some of the programs that may be used by the primary department being developed and their responsibilities under the plan.

Effective Organizational Leadership

Discover "What Matters Most" in effective leadership

    * Build on existing strengths

    * Recognize positive qualities and potential

    * Advance beyond ordinary knowledge and skills

    * Increase inner strengths at a faster rate

    * Develop attitudes and habits that place you at the top

    * Practice skills that produce concrete benefits

Participants: CEO, President and Direct Reports

Curriculum: 10 Lessons

Schedule: 6 - 2 hours, Bi-weekly Sessions

Effective Management Development

Manage your way to success!

    * Become an Effective Manager

    * Achieve Success Through Goal Setting and Time Management

    * Empower Other People

    * Balance Authority and Power Productively

    * Improve Communication Skills

    * Cope Constructively with Change and Stress

    * Develop a Dynamic Decision-Making Strategy

Participants: Business Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and Key Individual Contributors

Curriculum: 10 Lessons

Schedule: 10 - 2 hours, Weekly or Bi-weekly Sessions

Effective Supervisory Development

Enhance the effectiveness of your supervisors

    * Learn the art of delegation and giving orders

    * Get more done through time management

    * Exercise authority effectively

    * Handle and prevent problems with people

    * Train and motivate people to a higher level of productivity

    * Develop the potential of employees

Participants: Managers, Supervisors, and Key Individual Contributors

Curriculum: 8 Lessons

Schedule: 8 - 2 hours, Weekly or Bi-weekly Sessions

Effective Staff Development

Improve Your Overall Effectiveness and Performance

    * Attitude is Everything

    * Your Role in the Organization

    * Effective Communication

    * Measure Performance

    * Job Satisfaction

Participants: Supervisors, Support Staff

Curriculum: 5 Lessons

Schedule: 6 - 1.5 hours, Weekly Sessions

Effective Team Development

Build a Winning Team

    * Your Potential For Personal Leadership

    * Motivate Through Attitudes and Habits

    * Improve Productivity Through Communication

    * Increase Productivity of the Team

Participants: Individuals and Teams

Curriculum: 5 Lessons

Schedule: 6 - 1.5 hours, Weekly Sessions

Effective Personal Productivity

Create a high performance organization

    * Communicate more effectively

    * Thrive in a learning environment

    * Become a team player

    * Set goals and achieve results

    * Deal with interruptions

    * Increase productivity through controlling priorities

    * Evaluate attitudes and make productive behavioral changes

Participants: Business Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and Key Individual Contributors

Curriculum: 6 Lessons

Schedule: 8 - 2 1/2 hours, Weekly Sessions


We Get Results - Here is why

Effective Motivational Management

Enhance the performance of your managers

    * Become an Effective Manager

    * Achieve Success Through Goal Setting

    * Understand Human Behavior and Motivation

    * Maximize Personal Productivity

    * Achieve Results Through Communication and Persuasion

    * Improve Decision Making and Problem Solving

    * Handle and Prevent People Problems

Participants: Senior and Mid-level Managers

Curriculum: 12 Lessons

Schedule: 12 - 2 hours, Weekly or Bi-weekly Sessions

Effective Sales Strategies

Improve sales training with skills and attitude

    * Professional Selling as a Career

    * Define Your Target Market

    * Approaches that Sell

    * The Sales Interview

    * Discover Prime Buying Motives

    * How to Close Sales

    * Overcome Stalls and Objections

Participants: Sales Leader, Sales Representative, Marketing Manager

Curriculum: 6 Lessons

Schedule: 8 - 2 hours, Weekly Sessions

Effective Communication

Make your communication effective and clear

    * Improve communication skills and overcome communication barriers

    * Understand styles of behavior and various ways of communicating

    * Learn the art of active listening

    * Solve problems through communication

Participants: Individuals and Teams

Curriculum: 8 Lessons

Schedule: 8 - 2 hours, Weekly Sessions

Effective Personal Leadership

Make a difference in your organization

    * Realize potential for personal leadership through building on strengths, improving self-image and motivation

    * Make choices for success by overcoming past conditioning

    * Overcome obstacles to leadership

    * Experience self-motivation by altering attitudes, behaviors and habits

    * Develop a written, specific success plan

Participants: Business Leaders

Curriculum: 8 Lessons

Schedule: 10 - 2 hours, Weekly Sessions

We have worked hard to achieve a well deserved reputation for delivering measurable results while respectfully considering your organization's core principles and beliefs.

We are passionate about helping people achieve exceptional levels of performance. Our goal is to ensure you achieve The edge that sets you apart from the competition and support you as you accomplish extraordinary levels of excellence.

It is well documented that organizations that invest in leadership development hold the key to dramatically improved business performance, and the hundreds of high achieving companies we work with would all agree. 85% of our clients are returning customers who want all their people to benefit from the same outstanding achievements as themselves.

“We work hard to help you stand out and obtain the edge you need to be successful”

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