How PDP Works


Here is how PDP addresses business issues

Professional DynaMetric Programs® (PDP®) is a world leader in workforce research and development. Founded in 1978, PDP® solves one of management's toughest challenges, increasing performance and profitability through:

  1. Selecting

  2. Leading

  3. Managing

  4. Keeping and developing the right people

The PDP® integrated hiring, management and development system evolved through statistically-based surveys of more than 5,000,000 people in thousands of organizations.

PDP®'s integrated applications for businesses optimize employees' professional growth to spur the corporation's effectiveness and, ultimately, profitability. Partner with Aspen Business Group & PDP® the leading provider of results-oriented management systems for businesses today, and tomorrow.

No matter how much or how fast your business changes, no matter how challenging the obstacles are to achieving your goals, we will be the partner that keeps the focus on successfully managing the people part of the organizational puzzle.

Analyzing and defining corporate culture
PDP helps company leaders define the corporate culture that supports their business objectives and develop systems to put that culture in place.

Improving Leadership Skills
TeamScan helps managers identify team dynamics, assess the effects of management styles and integrate management systems that improve performance.

Creating effective teams and work groups
Real Team, an integral part of
TeamScan, makes objective measurements of group characteristics, sets expectations for team performance and helps managers develop effective teams.

Increasing productivity while maintaining quality
ProScan® helps companies increase productivity and maintain quality by helping managers fit the employee to the position. When employees are doing work that fits their natural work styles, they bring an enthusiasm to their tasks and take pride in the results.

Improving communications
Managers use PDP's
ProScan® to understand how different employees approach issues. They can communicate based on the employee's perspective to make sure the message is clearly understood.

Upgrading customer service
With PDP's
ProScan® as the foundation of a management system, companies develop an organizational culture that supports consistent, high-quality customer service.

Developing staff to their full abilities
Using PDP's
ProScan® to identify peak performance factors, you empower employees to work from their strengths.

Finding each person's motivators, avoiding demotivators
ProScan® focuses on each employee's strengths, motivators and demotivators to help employers determine how environmental factors affect employee stress, energy and satisfaction.

Identifying work-related stress
ProScan® measures four cornerstone behavioral traits to fully assess a person's work style and preferences in relation to that employee's role in the organization. With that understanding, you can establish conditions that minimize employee stress.

Resolving interpersonal conflicts
Experienced PDP professionals work with a company's executives to assess, identify, and develop strategies to resolve challenges and conflicts.

Reducing turnover and dissatisfaction
When employees are matched to jobs that suit them, they are more likely to grow and remain in the organization.
JobScan® helps managers match people's work patterns to positions, increasing hiring success and reducing turnover.

Helping match people to jobs
JobScan® produces job model reports matched with applicant profiles to ensure that you hire people for positions that emphasize their strengths.

Improving interview techniques
Using PDP's
JobScan®, managers can fully understand the qualifications of an ideal candidate for a position. Managers can question potential employees about how they would operate in specific job functions.


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