Employee Engagement


When your employee’s performance slips, it is easy to point your finger at the worker in question and tell him or her to “improve, work smarter, you are not pulling your weight, work harder or stay focused.”

Fact is, it may not the willing workers fault. It’s possible that they have absolutely no control over the underlying cause of the problem. Why? Because the root of the problem might be a system issue, the company’s culture or even maybe you.

Through research, we have identified the most common reasons performers don’t live up to their abilities. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. 1)performance problems caused by outdated systems or processes 

  2. 2)performance problems caused by company culture that stems from poor management practices

  3. 3)performance problems caused by employee barriers.

At Aspen Business Group use a comprehensive program that takes an in-depth look at all types of performance-blocking barriers.  We will work with you and your managers how to:

  1. Decide if a performance problem is caused by an employee-created barrier, outdated systems or processes or a company culture that stems from poor management practices

  2. Spot the difference between unmotivated and demotivated employees … and how to get both back on track

  3. Balance the risks of “Over Managing” which can squash independent thinking against “Under Managing” which can breed indifference

  4. Deal with the performance-killing challenges of "Salary Compression" and “Salary Inversion"

  5. Realign job responsibilities for employees who have been promoted beyond their skill level

  6. Reinvigorate long-term employees who have gotten complacent and are coasting their way to retirement

Diagnosing and fixing employee performance-problems is a process that requires skill, patience and discipline. We will get you moving in the right direction and assist you as needed. This program will get your people re-committed to high performance and generating bottom-line results.


Improve Employee Engagement

The path to success is not always easy to see...

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