Goal Setting Program


What Past Attendees Are Saying:

The most enjoyable experience I had was that the success I was achieving in many areas in this course was improving the success of those around me. The measurable results I Identify was that I was saving more money in business and in my personal life. The Goals I accomplished and revisit were problems that I had though my life but never known about the tools to achieve them, now I can take these tools and achieve anything I put my mind too.

B Murray

Great course. Allows good habits to develop through implementation of principles in own work environment over the duration of the course. Setting of goals specifically related to work ensure these real life examples come to fruition. There is a lot to be gained from the course, particularly if the participant is willing to put a lot into it, and try new techniques. I recommend it and will endeavor to utilize the ideas and techniques contained within it, in my life. I believe I have grown both personally and professionally through the course.

A Kearins

I learned a valuable lesson about changes in communication styles and how to adapt to those and actually listen (without speaking) until the instruction/direction is finished. Then ask questions back to be sure you understood what was said. By carefully practicing this, I have not only saved company time I have eliminated the risk of getting the task wrong.

G Carr

I find it difficult to understand how little direction and strategy I had before enlisting on this course. The reduced stress levels, defined job parameters and increased personal empowerment I have gained from this course are truly remarkable. I feel myself projecting a competent, managerial persona around my staff and the increased job satisfaction from my team has been mirrored by our combined productivity. I find it no coincidence that this course has combined with our two highest grossing months on record.

M Week

I am very self-disciplined now, totally different person (in my working environment). I get through so much work on a daily basis and can even help out more in sales team (which is exciting for me). Because my productivity & communication have skyrocketed I feel like I am a valued member of our team and I can offer so much more. I enjoyed the "Empowering the Team" module the most. I also felt that the course gave you more self-confidence. I enjoyed the entire course immensely and recommend it to anyone in any career. Thank You, you have made a great difference in my life.

M Shepherd

Written goals and the value of time. Written goals give a clear direction of what need to be done by when and how. I am now a better planning my day, using diary for HPA and keep focus in the tasks assigned. The course also helped me realize what a more effective communicator I can be! Your words of wisdom can only help me in my pursuit day-to-day job .

R Dour

The course has given me the tool to achieve anything I wish by setting smart goals. I also feel more confident and empowered.

R Fell

I found it was enlightening to see that many people seemed to have the same issues at dealing with problems that I myself did, and it was good to learn that these where not daunting issues but that there where several techniques that can be used to overcome even the seemingly most difficult tasks or situations.

S Rhodes

Actually working on goals that you set and achieved during the course enables participants to share in success stories and learning experiences. Having the course spread over a number of weeks allows time for the changes you have implemented to materialize, enabling valuable discussion with others going through the same process.

P Goon

The coarse was brilliant. Being able to look at high priority pay off items and prioritize tasks has been a huge time saver. Writing daily take lists in imperative and important gives you your target and you can visualize what needs to be done. Very happy with the coarse and my results personally.

J Saratsis

Allowing set time for planning has changed my approach to the way I work and my stress levels. It has also enabled me to focus more on HPA, resulting in 6 new accounts... the developments in these areas has definitely been accelerated by the implementation of my newly acquired management skills. The course on a whole was informative and motivating.  Many thanks.

M Wise


Effective Personal Productivity Program


Effective Personal Productivity is an 8 week program designed to maximize your potential to accomplish important goals by changing the way you spend your time.

Through the goal setting process, business leaders also learn how to improve communication, empower their team and increase the productivity of their team.

Upon completion of this program, participants will know how to:

Increase personal productivity by 15%-20% and reduce work time by 20%-30%

Find up to an additional 2 - 3 hours per day to work on important goals and high payoff activities

Most of us use less than 20% of our true potential. At the heart of all achievement you will find productive people practicing effective behaviors. None of us are born with behaviors that are 100% effective. We all learn by trial and error, and some learn from those experiences faster than others. Another challenge is our past conditioning. We all come to the workplace with different past conditioning; some good, some bad. Locked behind our ingrained habits and attitudes lie vast reserves of unused potential. The question is how do you develop that unused potential?

Organizations improve when people make effective changes. LMI's Effective Personal Productivity ® (EPP) addresses the gap between current performance and the future potential of people. The EPP is more than a training program; it is a development process. Knowledge-based training has little influence in changing habits and attitudes that have been developed over years of past conditioning. Effective behaviors are developed in the same way as they were acquired, through a development process.

The EPP develops effective behaviors in:

•  Time Management

•  Personal Initiative

•  Employee Engagement

•  Accountability

•  Leadership Style

•  Identifying High-Payoff Activities

•  Measuring Personal Productivity

The EPP is an eight lesson program that will run 2:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. every Tuesday starting September 23rd.  The cost of the course is $2,150 for chamber members, a $300 savings. 

Effective Personal Productivity will give advanced, proven skills and tools that will guide you to the achievement of your most important goals. What could be more important...or more fulfilling?


  •  Increased productivity

  •  Reduced operating costs

  •  Time management skills that produce results

  •  More effective communication

  •  Promotion of positive work attitudes

  •  Improved teamwork

  •  Employee and organizational growth

  •  Skills in dealing with paper flow and managing work interruptions


  •  Increased productivity at work and in personal life

  •  Skills to set and manage priorities in business and personal life

  •  Improved verbal and written communication skills

  •  Ability to write and track goals that make a difference

  •  A balanced life style as a product of effective goal setting


  •  To invest in the future growth and success of your business

  •  To increase the productivity and “bottom line” of your business

  •  For your employees to become goal-directed and focused in their work

  •  For your employees to learn how to evaluate their daily workload and concentrate their efforts and time in high payoff activities

If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results.


Aspen Business Group provides new information that is essential in developing attitudes and behaviors to assist your business or organization to achieve its goals.

The slight edge.  Successful businesses are not twice as good as other businesses; the difference is they have the slight edge.  The Effective Personal Productivity seminar series helps you and your business to develop the slight edge.

Leadership.  Effectiveness is successful leadership.  Doing the right things at the right times with the right people.  Aspen Business Group will bring this success to your business!

1st Session:Introduction, Success, Attitude and Growth

   •  The power of planning and organizing

   •  How attitudes are developed

   •  Exploring success, motivation and characteristics of successful people

2nd Session:My-Tyme

   •  Understanding “The Tyranny of the Urgent”

   •  Effective time management skills

   •  Developing effective time management skills

   •  How to use your Personal Success Planner

3rd Session:The Nature of Productivity

   •  The key resource of increasing productivity

   •  Identifying and using high payoff activities

   •  Attitudes toward external circumstances

4th Session:Goal Achievement

   •  Your self-image

   •  The goal setting process that really works

   •  Personal and organizational goals

   •  Putting affirmations and visualization into practice

5th Session:Increasing Productivity Through Controlling Priorities

   •  Setting priorities in all areas of life

   •  Dealing with interruptions

   •  Managing emergencies

   •  Developing an efficient work area and managing paper flow

6th Session:Effective Communication

   •  Enhanced inter-personal communication

   •  Communicating with groups

   •  Writing for maximum impact

7th Session:Empowering The Team

   •  The empowerment imperative

   •  The time of a leader

   •  Developing team players through delegation

8th Session:Increasing Team Productivity

   •  Sharing and communicating goals

   •  Productive meeting strategies

   •  Developing and coaching self-directed work teams


The Effective Personal Productivity program, provided by Aspen Business Group, increases personal productivity, achieves goals and produces greater teamwork and success with businesses and organizations.


The Effective Personal Productivity program is presented in a series of eight seminars.  Each seminar is approximately two hours long and the seminars are spaced one week apart.   This arrangement significantly increases the retention and utilization of seminar information.

Weekly assignments include reading and listening to the lesson on CD.  Each week participants complete written exercises applying what they are learning to their unique and specific work experiences.  Participants invest about 30 minutes each day completing assignments for the next week.

Individual progress is measured as participants advance through the course.

A “triangle of communication” is established between the participant, the participant’s supervisor and the instructor.  This informs the supervisor about what the employees are learning and how they are applying the new information to their jobs.   

Cost:        $2,150 for the course, materials,

                 My-Tyme Planner, and audio CDs

Where:    This course will be offered in Glenwood Springs 

We can also provide In-House Seminars: 

Aspen Business Group coordinates with businesses and organizations to provide performance development for their employees.  Together, we decide when and where the seminars will be conducted.  Some businesses prefer to hold the seminars in their facility while others choose to use our conference room.  The day of the week and the time of day for seminars are arranged to fit the employer’s schedule.

For additional information and to register:

email: info@aspenbusinessgroup.com or phone  (970) 396-7009

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