Become PDP Certified


The licensed PDP® client certification course is a stimulating and in-depth learning experience that will provide the knowledge and skills for using the PDP Integrated Management System. It is designed to cover the fundamental concepts of understanding people based on PDP's extensive and valid research. The focus will be on proven applications that will meet your organizational needs.

What is the benefit

  1. Help the organization understand and develop the strengths of people

  2. Use effective communication

  3. Identify and learn to manage workplace stress

  4. Create action plan to apply principles learned

  5. Develop skills for hiring and for team management

  6. Receive comprehensive materials and resources

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What is covered

The agenda will include time for action learning in:

  1. Interpreting and discussing ProScan® reports; using the information to develop improvements and solutions

  2. Developing job model profiles for any position in the organization; interviewing and selecting of best people to “fit” positions

  3. Practicing skills in team planning; defining roles and responsibilities; learning what to expect from team members; enhancing communication

  4. Leading people to achieve personal success and satisfaction

For additional information and to register email: or phone (970) 396-7009


Certified PDP® Administrator Course

& Management Training

The certification format will include a variety of instruction methods including teaching by experienced experts, real-world scenarios, strategic action planning by each individual and interactive participation with others in the certification group.

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About Our Consultants
Founded by Russell Disberger

Who Should Attend

Senior leadership, middle to upper-middle managers, sales executives, business owners, human resource directors, individuals strategically involved in the people side of business.

How You Benefit

  1. Help your organization utilize the strengths in their people side of business

  2. Use effective communication to expedite production

  3. Identify and learn to manage workplace stresses

  4. Create action plan for immediate implementation results

  5. Learn how to develop position critical benchmarks

  6. Acquire knowledge for team management